Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn

Joanna is my mentor for the business side of indy publishing. I especially value her perspective because she has experience in both the non-fiction and fiction worlds (in addition to writing, blogging, and podcasting about indy publishing, she also authors the ARKANE action adventure thriller series and the London Psychic crime thrillers). I especially enjoy Joanna’s weekly podcast, The Creative Penn.

Nick Stephenson, Your First 10K Readers

Nick’s online course takes an in-depth dive into how to attract your first 10,000 readers, with modules like Rule the Retailers, Drive Endless Traffic, Convert Traffic into Subscribers, and Engage Your Audience. Nick’s advice is action-oriented and specific. What I especially appreciate about Nick is his willingness to share examples from his own business–he’s a thriller writers as well–including sales statistics and income.

Dan Blank, We Grow Media

I follow Dan for advice on promotion–what I especially appreciate about Dan is his generous and understated approach to getting your books into the hands of interested readers. I found his Get Read course to be extremely valuable.

Mystery Writers of America

This won’t apply to everyone, but membership in an organization of authors of similar genres and similar interests provides a support network and a source for ideas on the creative and business sides of indy publishing. Mystery Writers of America has been very supportive in helping me get the word out about my books to its membership. Look for similar organizations in your genre!

International Thriller Writers Thrillerfest

As with MWA, Thrillerfest is not going to meet the needs of every writer, but conferences like this are an invaluable way to network with others in the industry.


I’ve had great luck with 99designs–from logos for William Kingsfield Publishers and The Indy Author to business cards to book cover design for ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. Click the link below to learn more!
Professional book cover & magazine design from 99Designs

Juan Padrón

Another great design resource for authors with a darker theme if Juan Padron. Juan designed the cover for ROCK PAPER SCISSORS, and also did an update of the covers for THE SENSE OF DEATH and THE SENSE OF RECKONING.


I have found many of the people who support William Kingsfield Publishers LLC and The Indy Author™ through Upwork. I can especially recommend:

  • Kawsar Siddik for website design and support
  • Kelly Schuknecht and Stephanie Konat for marketing and promotions
  • Alex Turati for PhotoShop support
  • Joey Baldemoro for transcription
  • Aleksandar Jankovic for audio editing

The sites above are good sources for free or inexpensive images to use in your promotions or marketing materials.