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Writing is a craft in both senses of the word, and independent author-publishers owe it to our reader-passengers to send them on their voyage in a seaworthy vessel!

I share my experiences as a writer and indy publisher via The Indy Author. Please join me on the journey on Facebook or sign up for my monthly email newsletter on the About & Contact tab.

Matty Dalrymple


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Preparing for Author Blurb Requests

Posted on Jan 2 by

Have you ever been reading a book and thought, “I love this book—and other readers who love this book would love my books, too!” In the past, when I experienced this, I would...


Reading Your Work Aloud

Posted on Nov 27 by

I highly recommend investing the time to read your work aloud before you send it to your editor for the copy edit (your editor will thank you). What are the benefits? The slower...

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