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Practice Safe Blurbing

Posted by on Sep 25, 2019 in 2019, articles | 0 comments

I recently bought Shari Lapena’s The Couple Next Door, in part because of its Gone Girl-esque cover but mostly because it had some of the most impressive testimonials I’ve ever seen: NPR (“Exquisitely torturous tension”), Booklist (“hard to put down”), Sue Grafton (“Beautifully rendered and unrelenting”), and...

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Be the Captain of Your Author Voyage

Posted by on Sep 23, 2019 in 2019, articles | 0 comments

I just read Heather Demetrios’s Medium article “How to Lose a Third of a Million Dollars Without Really Trying.” It begins: If just one person had sat me down when I signed my first book contract and explained how publishing works … I would have made much sounder financial and creative decisions. I would have set a foundation for a...

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From Dead in the Water to Favorable Winds

Posted by on Aug 26, 2018 in 2018, articles | 2 comments

Wade and I recently returned home from two glorious and relaxing weeks on Mount Desert Island, Maine, home of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. While we were there, we visited friends who live on a small island off MDI, a location I was particularly excited to visit because it seemed like the perfect setting for an Ann Kinnear Suspense Short. What could...

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Professionalism and The Indy Author

Posted by on Aug 14, 2018 in 2018, articles | 0 comments

A local library is soliciting applications for an author expo that invites participation from both “professionally-published and self-published authors.” Who can guess why that caused me to sit down at my laptop and hammer out this blog post? You may already be familiar with my dislike of the term “self-published”—it suggests a solo effort that in no way...

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The Scalability of Your Craft and Your Voyage

Posted by on Jun 4, 2018 in 2018 | 0 comments

A common discussion point in the project management world is the scalability of a process or operations or technology. For example, if you’re installing an email system for a company with twenty employees, will the system be sufficiently scalable to handle the email volumes when the company has two hundred employees? Scalability is also an important...

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