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When I published my first novel, The Sense of Death, in print and ebook formats, I thought I had all my bases covered. Then my mentor, Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn, encouraged me to consider audio, and I discovered a whole new way to Maximize My Reach to my potential audience!

(My three guiding principles of independent publishing are Focus Your Goals and Efforts,Professionalize Your Product and Presentation, and Maximize Your Reach and Exposure.)

When I began considering audio for my own book, I thought I should first familiarize myself with the current state of audiobook listening—it had been a long time since my Books on Tape days, back when they really were on tape. I got an Audible membership and began using my credits to download books. I listened on my way to work and realized one of the great benefits of audiobooks—fitting more book consumption into an already packed day.

One of my favorites was The Martian; Andy Weir’s very funny writing is supported by R. C. Bray’s equally funny narration. I’m glad I listened to the book rather than reading it because I would have been tempted to skip over some of the more technical sections that turned out to be integral to the story. (It also made me appreciate the art of effectively-used profanity—maybe I should add more swearing to my third book!)

A less well known but equally fun listen was James Hynes’ Kings of Infinite Space, a story that manages to be both amusing and creepy, bolstered by a fantastic narration by Adam Grupper.

Becoming an audiobook listener made me enthusiastic about pursuing that platform and set me up for the next steps of audiobook production—picking the platform I would use.